Northrop Beta
Страна: США
Год: 1931

Northrop Alpha и Beta
Flight, September 1931

Northrop Alpha и Beta

   В 1931 году Нортроп построил прототип цельнометаллического спортивного двухместного низкоплана Beta, оснащенного рядным двигателем Menasco Buccaneer мощностью 160 л. с. Позже он был переделан в одноместный вариант и оснащен звездообразным двигателем Wright Whirlwind мощностью 300 л.с., став первым самолетом такого класса, превысившим скорость 322 км/ч.

Flight, September 1931


   THE NORTHROP BETA is an open two-seater aircraft on same lines as the larger Alpha and for its size has an equally imposing performance.
   Its construction is in every way similar, and it should have great appeal to the private owner who prefers an open aircraft to a cabin one.

   THE Northrop Beta embodies the same Alclad skin construction as has been used in the Alpha and is a small two-seater open cockpit machine.
   The landing gear is of the full cantilever type of construction, while the usual spats are brought up to the wing and are of such a rigid nature as to make the use of cross bracing unnecessary. The total drag is thus kept low, which gives the Beta a high performance.
AN INTERESTING AMERICAN LIGHT PLANE: The Northrop Beta is fitted with a Menasco Buccaneer inverted engine of 160 h.p., with which engine it is expected the machine will have a top speed of 175 m.p.h. The machine is of all metal construction, with stressed-skin wing covering.
The well streamlined and clean undercarriage of the Beta is particularly noticeable in this view.
The second of the two Northrop Betas, with a Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior engine. The Beta incorporated Arthur Klein’s elegant “expanding fillet”, as used later on the Douglas Commercials. Klein meticulously calculated “right”and “wrong” fillets.
General arrangement drawings of the Northrop Beta