Gerner G.II
Страна: Германия
Год: 1930

SOME COMPETITORS: One of the few biplanes, the Gerner.
Herr Stein demonstrating his Adler (80 h.p. Hirth). Five of these machines came over for the meeting.
The fascinating one-off Fizir-Vega AF-Z amphibian was featured in issue No.62. Vladimir Isaic’s article mentioned that it spent time around 1931/32 with Osijek Flying Club, where it was partially rebuilt. Malcolm Passingham sent in this photo of the amphibian at the club. Malcolm notes that it is nicely painted, but probably not airworthy and that it would be good to know more about that stage of its brief career. The editor would like to hear more of the biplane in the background.
‘Round-Out’ in AE71 gave details of the Gerner IIR training biplane and its Pobjoy-engined version. Following requests, herewith a three-view of the original Adler Gerner IIC.