American Gyro AG-4 Crusader
Страна: США
Год: 1935

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Flight, March 1935

Flight, March 1935


  AN exceptionally interesting four-seater low-wing monoplane, of unorthodox layout, built by the American Gyro Co., of Denver, is at present being tested. With the exception of wing tips and control surfaces it is of all-metal construction, 17ST aluminium alloy being the material employed.
  The centre section embraces the two engine nacelles, undercarriage, fuel tanks and cabin structure, and the cantilever wing, 36ft. in span, which is of the "semi-stressed-skin" type, has two easily detachable outer panels, secured by four heat-treated taper pins. Manually operated trailing edge flaps extend outboard from the fuselage to the mass-balanced ailerons.
  Flush riveting is used for the covering of the fuselage (which, in plan form at least, seems of excellent shape), and, in fact, for all other metal surfaces. The average cabin width is 4ft. "Plastocele," 1/8 in. thick, is employed for the windows, which seem proportionately larger than those in the majority of American metal machines.
  Tests are being conducted with a fixed and a retractable undercarriage. The wheels of the latter type are arranged to fold rearwards and upwards, and each portion, when raised, completes the fairing of the engine nacelles. Hydraulic brakes and a swivelling tail wheel are specified.
  The horizontal and vertical control surfaces are mass-balanced, and are supported by two tapered elliptical duralumin “stressed-skin” tubes which fair into the wing behind each nacelle, where they serve as wells for the retracted wheels.
  Preliminary tests, according to our American contemporary Aero Digest, were made with temporary V.P. airscrews and the take-off from Denver airport, which is 5,000ft. above sea level, was effected in eight seconds. The landing speed was about 60 m.p.h.
  Wind tunnel tests, which were carried out with a model of the machine at New York University gave a top speed of 233 m.p.h. With one engine working a speed of 150 m.p.h. should be attained.
  The wing area is given as 206 sq. ft., the empty weight 2,000 lb., and the gross weight as 3,000 lb., but probably these figures are approximate only.
SPEED WITH A DIFFERENCE. The "Crusader" AG-4, which is produced by the American Gyro Co., of Denver, Colorado, seats four people and cruises at 210 m.p.h. with two 156 h.p. Menasco engines. A larger version will carry five passengers and a pilot at a maximum of 237 m.p.h. In this case the two engines will be Menascos of 210 h.p. each.
A CRUSADER. A close-up of the Gyro "Crusader" monoplane which was illustrated in Flight last week. The tail is carried on two metal booms.
An artist's impression of the "Crusader." The undercarriage is shown extended.