Rider R-1 / R-2 / R-4 / R-5 / R-6     1931
Marcoux-Bromberg Jackrabbit / Elmendorf Special     1938
Страна: США
Год: 1931

Tony Le Vier's Keith Rider R-4 Firecracker NX261Y, one of Planes of Fame Museum's contributions to the Golden Age of Air Racing exhibit. This was built in 1936 and raced by Le Vier in 1938 to win the Greve, but failed in other pre-war races and was not raced again.
The last racing design produced by Keith Rider was the R-6. It flew in 1938 but after a poor 1939 racing season it was placed in storage in California.
American racing type, familiar to visitors to the American National Air Races: Keith Rider;
C. H. Gotch's Keith-Rider Special, which have small Menasco in-line engine.
Described by Mr. Morrison as “the very fastest Menasco-powered airplane ever built,” Tony LeVier’s monoplane was first designed by Kieth Rider and later redesigned by William Schoenfeld.
The Keith Rider Eightball was not quite ready for the Races.
The Elmendorf Special or Marcoux-Bromberg Jackrabbit with a 250 h.p. Menasco B-6S.