AeroVironment RQ-11 Raven
Страна: США
Год: 2001

During its flying display, the Aerovironment Puma gave a convincing demonstration of how this 8ft 6in wingspan, 12lb UAV could be used to find and track an 'intruder' on the airfield. Datalinked imagery from its conventional and infra-red sensors searching for a 'staged intruder' was projected onto a large cinema-type screen. The Puma's docile flying characteristics were also demonstrated by Andrew Davies, the Minister for enterprise, innovation and networks in the Welsh Assembly Government, who was invited to control the UAV manually. Despite having no previous experience of flying a UAV, he had no difficulty in controlling the inherently stable vehicle. Aerovironment's larger UAV, the Raven, also flew at the open day and has an impressive service record with the US Army and special forces. By March this year it had amassed 15,314 sorties, accruing 18,673 flying hours.
27 июля 2016г. США передали Украине 24 беспилотные авиационные системы RQ-11B Raven. Каждая из них включает 3 БПЛА и наземный комплект оборудования.