Embraer E-Jet E2 family
Embraer - E-Jet E2 family - 2016 - Бразилия
Страна: Бразилия
Год: 2016

By early November 2016 the three flight test aircraft had completed about 20% of the E190-E2 certification process; approximately 21,000 hours of testing using specialised static test rigs had also been completed.
E190-E2 PR-ZEY returning after its maiden flight, which lasted three hours and 20 minutes. Embraer is working towards a 2018 service entry for this first variant.
The E190-E2 is scheduled to enter ser­vice in 2018, followed by the E195-E2 in 2019 and the E175-E2 in 2021.
23 мая 2016г. в Сан-Жозе-дус-Кампусе (Бразилия) взлетел прототип самолета E190-E2. Новая машина открывает второе поколение региональных пассажирских авиалайнеров Embraer. Завершение сертификации и начало коммерческой эксплуатации новинки запланированы на середину 2018 г. Самолет сможет перевозить до 106 пассажиров в одноклассной компоновке или 97 в двухклассном варианте салона.
The four-man flight test crew took the first E-Jet E2 to a maximum altitude of 41,000ft during the initial test flight.
The first prototype E2, PT-ZEY(c/n 20001), pictured during its May 23, 2016 first flight.
The E190-E2 was certified after a 2,000-flying hour test campaign.
The size of the E190-E2 PW1900G turbofans, with their 73in (1.854m) fan diameter, compared to the 56in (1.422m) diameter on the GE CF34-10s on the current E-Jets, is apparent from this photo of the aircraft taxying at Sao Jose dos Campos before its flight.
Two of the three E190-E2s involved in the flight test campaign: these aircraft will be joined by a fourth prototype in early 2017.
Выкатка первого экземпляра лайнера "Эмбраер" E190-E2
The 73-inch (1,854 mm) fan diameter on the E190-E2’s Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1900G engines compared to the General Electric CF34s on the first-generation E-Jets is apparent here.
The E190-E2 rolling out from Embraer’s Sao Jose dos Campos facility. The aircraft is due to fly in the second half of this year.
The 23,000lb (102kN) thrust PW1900G powers the E190-E2; the same engine will also power the E195-E2 while the 17,000lb (75kN) thrust PW1700G will be fitted to the E175-E2
The initial E190-E2 on the assembly line; its first flight is scheduled for 2016.
Embraer has painted E190-E2 test aircraft PR-ZGU (c/n 19020094) with a distinctive shark livery to promote its 'Profit Hunter' branding.
FIA organisers have expressed their regret in cancelling the 2020 edition, but have said: "We are determined to continue to work together and will ensure the Farnborough International Airshow returns in 2022 better than ever."
Embraer flew E190-E2 prototype PR-ZFU (c/n 19020002) to Changi for static display, where it was unmissable in an eye-catching Tiger paint scheme applied to the forward fuselage.
Air Astana's initial E190-E2 in its snow leopard livery, designed by Embraer in the style of the 'Profit Hunter' nose art that features on the manufacturer's E-Jets E2 test and demonstration aircraft, and applied by hand to the aircraft.
Belarusian flag carrier Belavia became the latest E2 operator in December 2020
London City Airport welcomed its first Helvetic E190-E2, registered HB-AZG, on September 2, 2021
Helvetic Airways took delivery of its first E2 example in October 2019
Helvetic Airways is the second European operator of the E190-E2.
Helvetic abandoned its typical LCC branding in 2006, opting instead for the highly distinctive Swiss flag
The Embraer E2 family uses Pratt & Whitney engines
Helvetic was the first E2 operator to fly into London City. “We are convinced the E2 is perfectly suited to the requirements of business customers flying between the financial centres of London and Zurich,” said Tobias Pogorevc during the inaugural flight
Embraer handed over the initial customer E190-E2 to launch operator Wideroe on April 4, 2018.
The larger 73-inch fan diameter on the Embraer E190-E2’s Pratt & Whitney PW1900G geared turbofans is apparent in this shot of the first customer jet, Wideroe's LN-WEA (c/n 190200), pictured following its arrival in Bergen.
Эмбраер E-195 может брать на борт до 120 пассажиров
Embraer will work with Pratt & Whitney to test sustainable aviation fuels on the E195-E2
With the E190-E2 delivered, Embraer now turns to completing the flight testing and certifying the larger E195-E2, targeted for the first half of 2019.
The prototype E195-E2 PR-ZIJ (c/n 1902005) during the flying display at Paris, an event during which Embraer announced orders for 51 of its E-Jet family aircraft.
Embraer now describes its E-Jets E2 range, which includes the E195-E2, pictured here on an early test flight, as crossover jets able to be used for different roles.
THE SECOND member of the performance tests and the other Embraer E-Jets E2 family, the E195-E2, has received its type certification from three regulatory agencies: ANAC (the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency), the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency.
Early March saw Embraer present the first E195-E2, which at 41.5m long is the longest E-Jet E2.
The Embraer E195-E2 is among the new jets at the centre of the aerospace ecosystem
Brazilian manufacturer Embraer sees itself as ‘a developer of novel technologies to help the industry achieve its sustainability targets’
Embraer is eyeing a return to growth for regional aircraft. Shown here, an E195-E2 at the 2017 Paris Air Show
The E195-E2 at the show was resplendent with an eagle painted across the nose, a reference to Embraer calling the E-Jet the ‘Profit Hunter'.
Author Jorge Penalba recently flew to Gaviao Peixoto Airport, owned and operated by Embraer, in an E2 Profit Hunter
Line maintenance and trouble rectification of the Helvetic fleet take place at the airline's Bern Airport site
Helvetic Airways is the world’s biggest E2 operator. Its fleet includes the largest aircraft in the E2 family, the E195-E2
About every ten seconds (on average), an aircraft manufactured by Embraer takes off somewhere in the world, transporting more than 145 million people a year
Embraer is testing the E175-E2, but there are no orders for the aircraft yet.
The E190-E2 is optimised for 97 to 114 seats, the E195-E2 for 120 to 146 seats and the E175-E2 for 80 to 90 seats.
Among the measures designed to drive Embraer’s recovery is a 40% reduction in production times
Embraer’s main production base is in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. It also has sites in the State of Sao Paulo at Botucatu, Eugenio de Melo, and Gaviao Peixoto
Among structural differences between the first and second-generation E-Jets is a new trailing arm architecture for the main landing gear, which Embraer says is less susceptible to shimming and corrosion.
Static test rigs were used to complete 45,000 hours of ground tests of electrical, hydraulic and environmental systems, avionics and flight controls.
Each of the new E-Jet variants has a new, higher aspect ratio wing, which is more aerodynamically efficient and tailored to the size of the aircraft.
29 марта 2017г. на аэродроме бразильской авиастроительной компании «Эмбраэр» в Сан-Жозе-дус-Кампусе начались летные испытания регионального пассажирского самолета нового поколения Embraer E195-E2. Первый полет длился 2 ч.
The E-Jet's E2 cockpits will feature four large display screens and 3D graphics to aid pilot situational awareness.
Кабина экипажа самолета E190-E2
All Helvetic pilots have the ability to fly both the E2 (pictured here) and E1, according to CEO Tobias Pogorevc
Пассажирский салон самолета E190-E2
UK firm PriestmanGoode has been involved in the cabin that includes 18.3 inch-wide seats in economy, with two seats on either side of the aisle.
Compared to the earlier E-Jet the overhead stow­age bins have been enlarged and can accept the standard roll-on cabin bag, stowed wheels first.
PriestmanGoode's products have not just been limited to airlines, as it has also worked with aircraft manufacturers, including Embraer to give a sense of space on its new E2 jets.
Recaro seats equip KLM’s newly acquired Embraer E195-E2s
Модели «2-го поколения» авиалайнеров бразильской фирмы «Эмбрайер»
A render of Embraer’s E2-Jet family of aircraft
With the E170 not being part of the upgrade, the E175-E2 will be the smallest new E-Jet.
Embraer has commonality with the current E-Jets as a major focus in the E2 programme.
The E190-E2 is the first variant in the E-Jets E2 family, which has now received 267 firm orders plus 373 options.
THE SPANISH regional airline Binter Canarias has become the first European carrier to order the Embraer E195-E2, the largest model in the new E-Jets E2 range.
Leasing firm ILFC is one of the E-Jet E2's earliest customers.
KLM Cityhopper is among existing E-Jet operators to order E2s, which it operates within Europe
Norwegian carrier Wideroe has been confirmed as the launch operator of the E195-E2 next spring.