Gloster High Speed Mail Carrier
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1932

The author’s three-dimensional rendering of Folland’s High-Speed Mail Carrier with the British civil registration G-ABWC, which fell between a pair of de Havilland Fox Moths in the early 1930s and was never allocated. Note the clear-vision panel set into the forward fuselage to improve the pilot’s view on landing, and the "eyebrow” aerofoil above the windscreen, first seen on Folland’s unbuilt monoplane Charter Airliner of 1931.
This illustration by the author is based on newly discovered documents in the Royal Aero Club Trust archive, and shows Folland’s high-speed monoplane mail carrier of early 1932. The design was remarkably sleek for its time and incorporated Duncanson’s wing ideas.