Бериев А-100
Бериев - А-100 - 2017 - Россия
Страна: Россия
Год: 2017

Комплекс А-100 совершил первый полет с включенным локатором
The A-100 prototype is currently flight testing at TANTK Beriev in Taganrog, but no details have been revealed about the progress of the effort.
Maiden flight of the first A-100 at Taganrog on November 18, 2017.
The Beriev A-100 model revealed during a Russian TV programme on February 9, 2014.
Beriev is designing the A-100 to supplement - and in future replace - the A-50U.
The A-100's Premier S-band radar antenna is housed within the rotodome opposite the IFF and radio antenna.