Boom Technology XB-1 Baby Boom
Boom Technology - XB-1 Baby Boom - 2018 - США
Страна: США
Год: 2018

An artist's impression of the XB-1 due to be unveiled in October 2020
The Boom Supersonic XB-1, N990XB (c/n unk), emerges from its Centennial Airport, Colorado, hangar
The subscale XB-1 will investigate key Overture technologies, including engine intake design. Its first flight is expected later this year
Boom Supersonic is due to start flight testing the XB-1
The forward fuselage of the aircraft rests in the assembly cradle prior to being integrated with interior systems and software.
The Boom Supersonic XB-1 is set to fly in 2018. This aircraft will be a demonstrator for a proposed 55-seat supersonic airliner.
Трехдвигательный самолет-демонстратор XB-1 фирмы «Бум» рассчитан на значительно более высокую скорость полета, чем X-59 и QSTA
In November 2016, US-based start-up company, Boom Supersonic, unveiled its XB-1 'Baby Boom' - a one-third scale demonstrator, designed to aid development of the firm's Overture supersonic airliner concept. Currently in production, the XB-1 will demonstrate key technologies to further ensure safe, efficient and sustainable commercial supersonic air travel.