Hillson Helvelynn
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1939

Единственный экземпляр
Самолеты Hillson
Flight, September 1939
To-day's Light Aeroplanes

Самолеты Hillson

  Кроме того, фирма собрала два неудачных прототипа, первым из которых стал двухместный кабинный моноплан Hillson Pennine (1937 год). Второй, тоже двухместный (члены экипажа размещены тандемом в открытой кабине), тренировочный моноплан Hillson Helvellyn был собран в 1939 году.

Flight, September 1939

To-day's Light Aeroplanes


  THE new Hillson Helvellyn trainer should now be ready for its first test flights. It is an open tandem two-seater cantilever monoplane of middle-wing design, with split flaps extending to the limits of the centre section. The engine is a 90 h.p. Cirrus Minor. The designer has attempted to produce a somewhat unorthodox machine which will be the best compromise for ab initio training work. It is designed to take a tricycle undercarriage as and when necessary, though the prototype has the normal type. The performance figures below are, of course, estimated:

Span 33ft.
Length 22ft.
Weight empty 600 lb.
All-up weight 1,500 fb.
Cruising speed (2,300 r.p.m.) 110 m.p.h.
Initial rate of climb 750 ft./min.
Range 550 miles.
Makers: F. Hills and Sons, Ltd., Trafford Park Road, Manchester, 17.
The only known photograph of the unlovely Hillson Helvellyn.
The wings of Hillson Helvellyn G-AFKT.
The Hillson Helvellyn which should be flying very shortly. It is interesting largely because it is of mid-wing design. The engine is a Cirrus Minor.