ATR - ATR 72 - 1988 - International
Страна: International
Год: 1988

Twin-turboprop regional transport

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В версии ATR 72 существенно удлинили фюзеляж для размещения еще 30 пассажиров. Для этого, в свою очередь, потребовались форсированные двигатели, больший размах крыла и усиленное шасси для дополнительной массы.
27 октября 1988г.: первый полет в Тулузе, Франция, выполнил ATR72 - удлиненный вариант ATR42.
ATR 72-500 demonstrator prior to redesignation from ATR 72-210A (1999)
Joining the ATR 72-600 as a new product in the company's catalogue is the ATR 42-600. With good economic performance, the aircraft also has an impressive range of 890 nautical miles.
ATR has launched the latest version of its ATR 72 family. The -600 aircraft has a number of features to enhance its performance relative to other ATR 72 types, including enhanced hot-and-high, and short field performance.
ATR estimates a need for 3,020 new turboprops, which could potentially generate 2,770 new routes in the next 20 years.
The ATR 600 Series is the subject of continuous development in its systems architecture and cabin.
A new Multi-Function Computer has been introduced for ATR turboprops.
Irish regional airline Aer Arann took delivery of its first 72-seat ATR 72-500, EI-REL (c/n 748, ex F-WWEI) seen here, on May 25, 2007 at the Toulouse factory in France. It was ferried to the airline's base at Dublin on the same day and wears a one-off special Celtic colour scheme. Aer Arann ordered a total of ten ATR 72-500s in a contract signed on May 15, 2006 and will take delivery of the second of these later this year. The next five will join the airline in 2008, followed by the final three in 2009. The airline currently operates a fleet of 14 ATR 42s and ATR 72s, but this is the first ATR 72-500 to join the carrier.
On April 29, 2013, Aer Arann received ATR 72-600 EI-FAS (msn 1083, ex F-WWET), named St Connell, during a ceremony at the manufacturer's facility at Toulouse Blagnac in southern France. It first flew on April 18 and arrived at Dublin Airport, Ireland, on May 3. The regional airliner entered service on Aer Lingus Regional routes the following day, flying between Dublin and Edinburgh in Scotland. Aer Arann ordered eight of the new-generation ATR 72s in July 2012, all of which will be delivered over the next 11 months.
ATR 72-200 EI-REP is one of five used by Aer Lingus Regional.
Air Dolomiti’s first ATR 72, I-ADLM, entered service with the airline in March 1998. It is one of three ATR 72s in service with the airline and a further two are planned for spring this year.
ATR 72, l-ADLO, on the ramp at Ronchi. Air Dolomiti often turns aircraft around in less than 40 minutes.
Air Dolomiti is the only non-German airline in the Lufthansa Regional grouping. This Italian carrier has a hub at Munich,which is where these two ATR42s and three ATR72s are pictured.
Mount Cook Airlines operates this ATR72-600, ZK-MVA (msn 1051), for the Air New Zealand Link operation.
One of the luckier Asia-Pacific airlines during the pandemic, Air New Zealand returned to almost pre-pandemic passenger numbers prior to the country’s August 2021 lockdown
The ATR 72-600 is the most fuel-efficient regional aircraft and is suitable for all regions of the world and any conditions, says its manufacturer
Rebranded flag carrier Air Serbia (formerly Jat Airways, retaining the JU code) has introduced ATR 72-202 YU-ALO (msn 186) into revenue service with a new interior incorporating 66 leather seats and a new livery. The other three ATR 72-202s and two -500s (212As) will also be upgraded and rebranded. To date, Air Serbia has taken delivery of five Airbus A319s, and its first 164-seat A320 (Dash 232 msn 2587, currently VH-VQO) has also been leased and received the carrier’s livery. It will have a new interior installed before entering service. Air Serbia, 49% owned by Etihad, ordered ten A320neos during the Dubai Airshow in November 2013.
Компания "American Eagle" предоставляет услуги региональных перевозок по всей территории США. Одно время она эксплуатировала больше всех в мире лайнеров ATR серии 42/72 - 46 машин ATR 42-300 и 47 самолетов ATR 72-200, -210 и -210A. Сегодня в этой компании летают 39 ATR 72-200.
Aurigny will receive its initial ClearVision-equipped ATR 72-600 in summer 2019, the Guernsey airline already operating ATR 72-500s including G-LERE (msn 891) pictured here.
Guernsey-based Aurigny ordered ClearVision
ATR 72-600 F-WWEC (msn 1114) conducting a test flight at Toulouse-Blagnac in France on October 23, 2013. The regional airliner was delivered to Avianca of Colombia as HK-4955 on November 2, the second of three on order. The third (HK-4956, msn 1116, ex F-WWEE) was handed over five days later.
The first ATR 72-600 registered in Honduras (HR-AYJ, msn 1172, ex F-WWEM) arrived at Toncontin International Airport, outside the national capital, on August 26, 2014. The turboprop regional airliner was on delivery to Avianca, having arrived from the manufacturer’s facility at Toulouse in southern France with just 35 flight hours. It was flown to Toncontin by a Honduran and Colombian crew, and was due to be displayed at Tegucigalpa before going to Avianca's main regional hub in Honduras, La Ceiba Goloson International Airport. It will be operated for Avianca by Islena Airlines. Avianca currently has a further eight ATR 72-600s registered in Colombia.
On March 8, 2011, International Women's Day, ATR delivered ATR 72-202 PR-AZV (c/n 352, ex PP-PTK) La Ville Rose to Azul Linhas Aereas at the manufacturer's facility at Toulouse in southern France. The turboprop regional airliner was finished in a special pink colour scheme to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer. It was previously operated by TRIP Linhas Aereas before being stored at Toulouse.
The -500 series of the ATR 42 and ATR 72 is the most recent variant to enter service. Pictured is an ATR 72-500 of Bangkok Airways which has eight of the type in its fleet with two more on order.
На этом снимке эффектно смотрится лайнер компании "Binter"- серийный вариант проекта -72 серии 500. Самые новые машины этой серии обрели возможности по Категории II ИКАО, означающие, что они могут безопасно садиться в очень плохих метеоусловиях.
Blue Islands ATR 72 G-ISLN departs LSA on a pre-launch flight for the new daily Guernsey service.
Philippine airline Cebu Pacific marks another domestic route launch
CSA Czech Airlines ATR 72-500 OK-GFQ (msn 674) pictured departing Hamburg in late January 2019.
ATR-72 OK-XFC on the runway at Prague-Ruzyne airport.
With a new colour scheme by the early 1990s, and liberated from its commitment to buy Soviet types, CSA set about modernising its fleet, acquiring ATR 42 and 72 turboprop regional airliners for its short-haul routes. This ATR 72-201, OK-XFD, named Mlada Boleslav, joined the fleet in May 1992 and served until it was sold in 2011.
The ATR-72 N531AS, ex ZK-MCS, routed Montpellier - Shannon - Rekjavik on 14/3/00 while on delivery to Atlantic Southeast Airlines. The Atlanta based carrier operates Delta Connection feeder services using a fleet of ATR-72s, Brasilias and Canadair RJs
Eastern Airways is now flying the first of two ATR 72-600s it plans to put into service. The aircraft, G-IACY (c/n 1448), leased from Nordic Aviation Capital and pictured in November 2017 on approach to Manchester, is being operated primarily to transport workers in the North Sea offshore energy industry between different points in the east of the UK.
The ATR turboprop, in both its lengthened -72 (shown) and shorter -42 versions, forms the backbone of Eurowings’ fleet. However, the airline recognises that the future is with jets and a replacement for the ATR72s is urgently being sought.
Finnair has 12 ATR 72-500s which are operated by Nordic Regional Airlines
Stobart Group is part of the Connect Airways consortium alongside Virgin Atlantic and Cyrus Capital Partners.
Connect Airways - Stobart Air's holding company - entered administration in March 2020 following Flybe's collapse.
Stobart Air, formerly Aer Arann, is operating ATR72s from Southend for Flybe under a franchise agreement.
Flybe's maintenance teams were widely regarded as being among the finest in the UK.
After recently suffering financial troubles, Air France partner Gill Airways halved its fleet and now expects to return to profitability in the 2001/02 financial year, together with a ‘controlled expansion’.
South Korean carrier Hi Air has actually expanded its fleet portfolio during the COVID-19 crisis
ATR HAS delivered the 1,000th ATR 72 aircraft to the low-cost carrier IndiGo. The aircraft, VT-IYJ (msn 1496) is the tenth ATR to be received by the Indian airline since it received its first example of the turboprop in November 2017.
Austrian independent airline InterSky took over the former airberlin service between Karlsruhe and Hamburg because the route has a steady demand from business travellers.
Forty ATR 72-600s have been ordered by the Iranian Government for Iran Air as part of a slew of orders for western airliners following the easing of sanctions.
ATR 72-600 EP-ITD (msn 1391), pictured at Toulouse earlier this year, is one of the first group of ATRs recently delivered to Iran Air.
ATR 72-212A 4X-ATI is seen at Tel Aviv's Dov Field on August 1, 2011, two days after being delivered.
Japan Air Commuter (JAC) recently took delivery of its first ATR 72-600 following the conversion in June 2018 of one of its orders of an ATR 42-600 to the larger ATR 72-600 version. The aircraft has a 70-seat configuration.
ATR-72-202 YU-ALR is Jat Airways' only leased turboprop. It is seen here departing Skopje-Alexander The Great Airport, in the early morning of March 19, 2007, on its way to Belgrade. This aircraft has been in service with the airline since 2003 and has been recently finished in what is believed to be a final version of Jat Airways' dot livery.
Индийская авиакомпания "Kingfisher Airlines" использует ATR 72-500 на линиях внутри страны. Первый из 35 заказанных самолетов (на снимке) был поставлен компании 30 марта 2006 года.
An ATR 72-600 destined for Leeward Islands Air Transport (LIAT) of Antigua and Barbuda is undertaking flight tests at Toulouse-Blagnac in southern France. The aircraft (F-WWEN, msn 1077) is seen on approach at the airfield on June 4, 2013. It first flew on May 7 and will become V2-LIA upon delivery. UAT's order for three ATR 42-600s, plus options for a pair of ATR 72-600s was announced in January, with deliveries due to start in June. However, V2-LIA is the first of two ATR 72-600s for the company, owned by the Air Lease Corporation, scheduled to be delivered in June and August.
Link Airs’ initial ATR 72-600 was noted conducting a test flight at Toulouse-Blagnac on December 20, 2013. The regional turboprop (F-WWET, msn 1131) was due be delivered to the Japanese carrier as JA02LK, to serve domestic routes in the country as one of three ATR 72-600s leased from NAC Aviation Norway. However, before it could even start operations, the airline went into liquidation after filing for bankruptcy on December 10, 2013 - F-WWET is expected to be allocated by its owner to another carrier.
The UK’s largest regional airline, Loganair, will not operate routes where there is a train service of under four hours
Mandarin Airlines of Taiwan has continued to operate its scheduled passenger operation throughout the pandemic
Ordered before the ILG collapse, ATR72 D-ANFA was the first of its type to be introduced into service.
The Cargo Flex option on the ATR 72-600 was first delivered to PNG Air in Papua New Guinea late in 2015.
Sales of ATRs have increased in recent years. This ATR 72-600, G-FBXC (msn 1300), is operated by the UK airline Flybe as part of a franchise agreement with Scandinavian Airlines.
Sevenair ATR 72-500 TS-LBD (c/n 756, ex F-WWEQ) 'Hasdrubal' seen at Malta International Airport on September 19, 2007. This new production aircraft was delivered by ATR to the Tunisian airline on July 6 under a previously undisclosed order. Sevenair is the new name that was adopted on July 7, 2007, by the former Tunisian regional and charter airline Tuninter, part of the Tunisair Group, and since rebranding it has also acquired a Bombardier CRJ900 to add to the existing Tuninter fleet.
A number of ATR42s and 72s are used as freighters. This photo of a TAT ATR 72 with a large side cargo door illustrates the number of cargo containers that can be carried. TAT was bought by British Airways and merged with another French airline, Air Liberte and was in turn merged with AOM which ceased flying in 2003.
ATR 72
Former Aer Arann ATR 72-500 EI-REP (msn 797, ex F-WWEZ) arrived at Dublin Airport in Ireland on June 26, 2013 after being repainted in Yangon Airways' colours at Dinard in France. The Myanmar-based airline already operates two ATR 72-212s and will take delivery of this example imminently.
According to ATR, more than one third of the world’s commercial airports rely exclusively on turboprops.
Pakistan Naval Aviation has received a second ATR 72-500. Former Air Botswana airliner A2-ABS (msn 788, ex F-WWEG) was refurbished at Las Palmas on Gran Canaria and departed on its delivery flight to Pakistan via Palma de Mallorca on July 8, 2013. The first example was handed over to Pakistan in March. Both will be used for pilot training and as utility transports with a mixed freight and passenger configuration.
Passing through Palma de Mallorca on March 2, 2013 was ATR 72-212A EC-JAH (msn 712, ex F-WWEL) on its delivery flight to the Pakistan Navy. The aircraft is in a mixed passenger and freight configuration acquired, via a tender issued on October 31, 2012, by Pakistan Naval Aviation for pilot training and utility tasks. Naysa operated the aircraft previously in Binter Canarias colours. It departed Palma de Mallorca 50 minutes later for Turkey's Antalya Airport on its journey to Karachi in Pakistan.
ATR 72-600 TMUA T.C.B.701, wearing the test serial CSX62290, landing at Torino-Caselle in Italy at the conclusion of a test flight on July 1, 2013. It is expected to be delivered soon.
ATR 72-600 F-WWEY is flying as part of ATR's All Electric Aircraft trials.
Insulating materials, sensors and optical fibres are being tested to see if they can offer improvements in the maintenance process for composites and identifying micro-cracks in the material.
Zuzana Hrnkova is vice president of marketing at ATR
ATR is working to achieve 100% SAF certification for its aircraft
ATR-72-202F freighter HB-AFH (msn 313, ex VT-FQA) of Farnair Switzerland on the apron at Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands on October 1, 2013. The aircraft is the first to be painted in DHL’s distinctive yellow scheme for operation on behalf of the package distribution company. It departed Eindhoven for EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg in France to begin operations for the freight company carrying mail for the Swiss postal service.
FedEx currently has 30 ATR 72-600 Freighters on order
Developments continue within the turboprop sector, with ATR unveiling its ATR-72-600F in December 2020
Delivery of the first ATR 72-600 Turkish Maritime Patrol Aircraft is expected in the first half of 2017, with deliveries of the five remaining aircraft completed during 2018.
The first of four ATR 72MP maritime patrol aircraft on order for the Italian Air Force, C.S.X62279, test flying on December 23, 2014 from Turin-Caselle Airport, Italy, still only painted in primer. The extensive array of aerials and sensor housings on the aircraft is clearly apparent.
P-72 CSX62279 seen on a test flight from Verona airport. Note the installation of a high-powered search light near the starboard side nose.
Numerous sensors including the Selex Seaspray 7000 radar can be seen on this side profile.
P-72A MM.62298/41-03 just after its delivery to 41° Stormo. The first two aircraft, 41-01 and 41-02, remain at Leonardo's Turin plant undergoing work to full operational capability configuration.
This version of the ATR-72 is not equipped to perform the anti-submarine warfare mission, but is a very capable ISR and C4I platform.
SATCOM antennas are housed in the white radome a top the aft fuselage.
Today, missions performed by the P-72 do not require low level flight profiles, as in the anti-submarine warfare mission.
A P-72A ready to taxi from the main apron used by 41 Stormo at Sigonella.
This shot shows the positions of laser warning receiver, electronic support measures and radar warning receiver sensors on the aircraft's forward fuselage.
Two sensors of the ATOS system: the black radome houses the Seaspray 7300E radar, and the Star Satire HD electro-optical system on the right.
An extension to the aft fuselage houses the electronic support measures system and mounts for a future magnetic anomaly detector boom.
The P-72A tail configuration houses a laser warning receiver, electronic support measures and radar warning receiver sensors on the stern probe.
ATR assembles its aircraft at its production line in Toulouse, southwest France. The aircraft's fuselage and tail are delivered from Italy, and the wings from Bordeaux.
ATR's final assembly plant in Toulouse, France has been producing aircraft for more than 20 years with delivery to the first customer taking place on December 2, 1985 to French airline Air Littoral. A single production line is used to build both the ATR 42 and ATR 72.