Air International 2015-01
A.Boxman, K.van der Mark - Dutch Gorillas /Military/
A 58th FS F-35A about to emerge from its sun shelter on Eglin's flight line at the start of another training sortie.
F-35A F-002 is one of two Lightning IIs acquired by the RNLAF for test purposes
Col Bert de Smit puts on his Generation II helmet before a continuation training sortie in a US Air Force F-35A.
A bi-lateral agreement on the use of each other's jet permits Dutch pilots to fly in US F-35As during their training at Eglin, while US Air Force pilots are allowed to fly the RNLAF jets.
Top: Once the RNLAF detachment moves to Edwards Air Force Base, it will lose the support of Lockheed Martin technicians during day-to-day operations. Bottom: Assisted by an US Air Force crew chief, Col Bert de Smit on walk-around prior to a mission in a 58th Fighter Squadron F-35A.
Maj Laurens-Jan Vijge became the first Dutch pilot to fly the F-35A on December 18, 2013.
One of the 58th Fighter Squadron F-35As at rest outside its sun shelter after a day's flying at Eglin.
This weapons loading trainer is among devices used by maintainers for hands-on training at Eglin's Academic Training Centre.