Aeroplane Monthly 1974-05
J.Brown - Washington diary
Washington 44-69680, later WF437, arriving at Marham, Norfolk, from Andrews AFB, Maryland, on March 22, 1950, with one propeller feathered. Note oil streaks around engine nacelle of stopped engine.
Washington 44-61787, later WF435, arriving on the same day.
An air-to-air photograph of WF491 taken by the author from another Washington.
Close-up of WF491 taken through a flight engineer’s window.
View of formation flight through engineer's window.
A surviving B-29 Superfortress, "Fertile Myrtle" photographed by J. M. Kucera over Marin County, California.
A view forward from the top gunner’s position. Eight RAF Squadrons were equipped with the Washington, the last remaining in service until 1958, although most had been returned to the USA by 1954.
Standard bearers at the ceremonial parade at Marham during the arrival of the first four Washingtons on March 22, 1950.
Washingtons of 90 Squadron with WF446 in the foreground, bombing up at Marham in March 1950.
44-61599, later WF434, arriving at Marham, March 22,1950.