Aeroplane Monthly 1974-05
News Spotlight
The YF-16 first flew on February 2, 1974 from Edwards AFB, California, after making an unofficial circuit on January 20.
The second production Jaguar GR Mk I, XX109.
A first glimpse of the MRCA at Manching.
The Short SD3-30 is due for rollout on July 17, 1974.
Gladiator L8032, is about to emerge from Flight One, Staverton, after a major overhaul.
D.H. Rapide I, 4R-AAI, ex NF865, seen at Biggin Hill after its flight from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Bill Goldfinch's Luton Minor, G-AYDY, made its first flight recently from Old Sarum. Goldfinch was the designer of the Colditz Cock glider.
The YCH-53E first flew on March 1, 1974 . This triple-turbine helicopter will have double the lifting capacity of the CH-53.