Aviation Historian 24
This view of a standard Hurricane Mk IIA (P3351, brought back from Russia by the late Jim Pearce in the 1990s and now preserved in France) provides a direct comparison with Z3687 - note the continuous uncranked line of the wing leading edge, and its blunter nose radius.
Hawker Hurricane IIA Z3687 with Armstrong Whitworth-built laminar-flow wings, at RAE Farnborough. Note the upward-cranked leading edges of both wings just outboard of the centre section, with fairings over the transition between conventional and laminar-flow aerofoil sections. The back of the original print bears the note, "Griffiths, Boundary Layer Research Hurricane, FBoro 11/9/48”.
Главным внешним отличием Convair 990 стали обтекатели на крыле, названные "Kuchemann carrots" ("морковки Кюхемана").
This superb plan-view photograph of a Convair 990 clearly shows the large and distinctive - and apparently unnecessary - "Kuchemann Carrots" anti-shock bodies on the wing trailing edges.