Aeroplane Monthly 1979-02
H.Penrose - The Wagtail's tale
The first Wagtail, C4291, showing the equal amount of dihedral on its wings.
Two examples of the Lynx-powered Wagtail were ordered in 1920. One feature was the strengthened undercarriage.
Two shots of the first Wagtail, C4291, nearing completion in the Yeovil works. The original form of fin is revealed in the picture above.
The third Wagtail, C4293, at Yeovil. The greatly-enlarged centre-section cut-out and less curvaceous propeller are evident.
The second of the Lynx-Wagtails was J6582, here seen displaying its stubby nose at Martlesham Heath.
The pile-up of C4293 at Martlesham Heath in May 1918, when it nosed over on the rough surface.