Aeroplane Monthly 1979-02
D.Hadley - Barracuda handling notes
A low-set tailplane originally distinguished the first Barracuda prototype, P1767, from its successors. The tailplane was quickly raised when the wake from the flaps was found to impair its efficiency.
Этот Mk 1 раннего выпуска с выпущенными закрылками Fairey-Youngman переходит в пикирование.
Barracuda I P9659 in dive-bombing attitude.
Barracuda II P9667, complete with torpedo, poses for Charles E. Brown to take its picture.
Barracuda II MX613 was used for trials with an under-fuselage air/sea rescue lifeboat.
Barracudas of 822 Squadron over Ceylon during July-September 1944.
Unfolding a Barracuda on HMS Ocean.
Another shot of P9667, this time with a negative angle on the Youngman flaps for dive-bombing.
A Barracuda poised over the deck of escort carrier HMS Ravager. Note large flap area.
Barracudas lined up on the deck of HMS Implacable off Brest during the Western Union Exercise “Activity” in 1950.