Aeroplane Monthly 1979-03
C.Andrews - Supermarine Scimitar /Fighters of the fifties/ (22)
Prototype N113 WT854 which first flew on the 20th January 1956
Scimitar F1 XD321 of 800B Sqn based on HMS Eagle, 1964
The third prototype N113D, WW134, on the starboard catapult of Ark Royal during trials in the Channel, early 1957.
Another angle on one of the Scimitar prototypes.
С поступлением самолетов Sea Vixen командование британского флота переориентировало Scimitar на роль штурмовика. Одним из наиболее эффективных его средств поражения были НАР. На фотографии - самолет из 807-й эскадрильи.
Scimitar F.1 XD248/“195/R” of Lossiemouth-based No 807 Sqn fires a salvo of eight rocket projectiles during armament trials. Capable of carrying a lethal package of ordnance, including tactical nuclear weapons, the Scimitar was light-years ahead of the Sea Hawk it replaced in Royal Navy service. Note the stylised scimitar motif applied to the fins of No 807 Sqn’s examples.
Scimitar F.1s of 803 Squadron at the SBAC Display of September 1958, shortly before embarking on HMS Victorious.
Two Scimitars, XD248 and XD219, performed valuable work at RAE Farnborough in the late 1960s, assessing braking performance of a high friction runway in simulated heavy rain. The wingless XD219 is seen here.
A near-sonic flypast by a RNAS Culdrose-based Scimitar in July 1960.
A wintry flight deck scene aboard HMS Ark Royal. 807 Squadron during Arctic trials in February 1961.
Scimitars of 700X Flight at RNAS Ford, Sussex, early in 1958.
The first N.113 Type 544, WH854, makes its maiden take-off from Boscombe Down on January 19, 1956, piloted by Lithgow. Note dihedral tailplane.
Intended for the Fleet Air Arm as a strike-fighter the Vickers-Supermarine N.113 prototype WT854 took to the air for the first time on 20th January, at A. & A.E.E., Boscombe Down, Hampshire. The size of the N.113, can be gauged by reference to the silhouette of the test pilot's head in the "bubble" canopy. The "needle"-nose yaw meter extension will not appear on the production models. Apart from 30-mm. Aden cannon and guided missiles, an atomic bomb is suggested as possible stores.
XD278 of 800 Squadron touches down during the 1961 SBAC Show at Farnborough.
WT854 during deck landing trials aboard Ark Royal in April 1956.
Scimitar F1 XD332 of 736 Sqn based at Lossiemouth, 1964. This aircraft is now on display at the Cornwall Aeronautical Park Ltd, Helston
The Supermarine 508 is catapulted off during trials aboard HMS Eagle, October/November 1953.
An early photograph of VX138, the Type 525, first flown by Lt Cdr Mike Lithgow in April 1954.