Air International 2005-12
One of the highlights of the MAKS 2005 Moscow airshow, held in August 2005, was the public debut of RusAvia’s Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3. On May 23, 2005, the MiG-3 was transported from Novosibirsk, where it had been restored, to the Gromov Flight Research Institute for flight-testing. Plans to fly the MiG-3 at MAKS were thwarted by the Mikulin AM-38 12-cylinder in-line 1,500hp engine seizing during an early ground run. Nevertheless, RusAvia hopes to display this unique aircraft on the airshow circuit once the engine problems have been solved.
Sporting tiger stripes and cougar-head artwork on the engine cowling, this C-21A Learjet belongs to the 140th Wing Colorado Air National Guard, and attended the Tiger Meet of the Americas, held at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, in October 2005. The markings were applied at Mountain Home and removed before the Learjet returned to its home base at Buckley AFB.