Air International 2005-12
M.English - Saab Viggen /Aircraft profile/
Saab AJ37 Viggen of F7 Wing in the original anodised natural metal skinning. The aircraft is shown carrying two Saab-Bofors Rb05 air-to-surface missiles, centre-line fuel tank and ECM pods.
Saab AJSH 37 Viggen, 37916 ‘13’ in service with F10 Wing circa August 1995, armed with two Saab Rb04E air-to-surface anti-shipping missiles. For its maritime surveillance role, it is shown with a night reconnaissance pod and an external centreline fuel tank.
Saab JA-37 Viggen 37394 '47', circa June 2002, sporting a special colour scheme to mark 20 years of JA 37 service with F17 Wing. Illustrated fully loaded with four Sidewinders and two Sky Flash missiles.
Saab Sk 37E Viggen, circa March 2004, 37817 ‘75’. This electronic warfare training version was modified from the standard Sk 37 tactical trainer by adding a rear cockpit EW control panel and the ability to carry a variety of external jamming pods. F21 Wing was the last unit to operate Viggens, its Sk37Es being phased out of service in November this year.
Saab AJSF 37 Viggen of F21 Wing in a low-visibility grey camouflage scheme. S/n 37954 ‘54’ is a photographic reconnaissance variant, equipped with a camera array in the nose, and external night reconnaissance and ECM pods. The outer wing pylons are usually reserved for self-defence weapons.
Among the wide variety of armament carried by the AJS 37 was the BK90 dispenser weapon system carried on the F7 Wing aircraft during trials. As with all of the attack/reconnaissance Viggens it is also armed with Sidewinders for self defence.
Jaktviggens probably intercepted more potential intruders during the Cold War than any other type. Should the need have arisen, the JA 37 could have defended Swedish airspace using its cannon, Rb74 Sidewinder or Rb71 Sky Flash air-to-air missiles.
Saab JA 37 Viggens of 4 Wing Swedish Air Force illustrating the type’s distinctive configuration.
Last of the breed. Following the Viggen’s retirement from operational service at year end, two Sk 37E Viggens, including 37809 '72' will be retained by the FMV’s test and evaluation centre for electronic warfare training and Gripen development.