Air International 2005-09
B.Hales-Dutton - Hawker Siddeley Trident /Aircraft profile/
G-ASWU (9K-ACF) c/n 2114, Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C - Kuwait Airways. Illustrated in its original configuration as a Trident 1C wearing its pre-delivery registration, '2114' was later converted to 1E standard in 1966 before being delivered to Kuwait Airways. Note the original smaller-sized doors and the lack of APU fairing at the base of the fin, later retrofitted. In service the lower fuselage was natural metal, as was the tailplane fairing.
YI-AEB c/n 2127, Hawker Siddeley Trident 2E - Iraqi Airways. Delivered in 1966, this aircraft was one of three Tridents the airline flew on its London to Baghdad route until the early 1970s. After eleven years of service, all three were withdrawn in 1977 and stored at Baghdad Airport, Iraq. They are now presumed destroyed.
AP-ATK c/n 2130, Hawker Siddeley Trident 1E - Pakistan International Airlines. Delivered to PIA in 1966, 'ATK was one of its four improved performance Trident 1Es. The aircraft was eventually sold to CAAC in 1974 before ending up in military service as ‘50056’ of the Chinese Air Force. It was withdrawn from use in 1986.
G-AVYB c/n 2136, Hawker Siddeley Trident 1E-140 - Channel Airways. One of five ordered by Channel Airways for its expanding inclusive tour market. However, only two aircraft were eventually delivered, and due to a critical parts shortage and financial problems they were sold to Northeast in December 1971 - after only three years in service and a month before the airline called in the receivers.
5B-DAB c/n 2155, Hawker Siddeley Trident 2E - Cyprus Airways. One of five Tridents bought to replace the airline's Viscounts and expand its IT services, 5B-DAB proudly carries on its tail the 'Mouflon', or native mountain goat, emblem. Unfortunately, 'DAB lasted only four years before the Turkish Air Force destroyed it on the ground at Nicosia Airport, Cyprus, during the 1974 invasion.
B-2211 c/n 2180, Hawker Siddeley Trident 2E - Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Part of CAAC's large Trident 2E and 3B fleet bought for its modernisation plan, B-2211 was delivered in 1977 and served for 15 years before ending its days in Shanghai, where it was broken up in 1992. The carrier usually shared its aircraft with the military: several of its Tridents carried military markings.
G-AWYZ c/n 2301, Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B - British European Airways (BEA). The first Trident 3B was 'WYZ, which first flew in January 1969. Three years later it was delivered to BEA, which was absorbed into British Airways in 1974, making this a very short-lived Trident colour scheme. For several years, many Tridents wore hybrid liveries during the changeover from BEA to British Airways.
A Trident 3, G-AWZS, carrying British Airways’ titles and Union flag design but in BEA livery, in June 1978. This aircraft was delivered to BEA on May 5, 1972, and retired on December 5, 1985.
Kuwait Airways was the first overseas customer for the Trident - the Middle East airline ordering three of the 1E export variant. The first of these aircraft, 9K-ACF, is pictured having been delivered on March 19, 1966.
A British Airways' Trident 2E at Heathrow in September 1978, with some Trident 3s parked behind. BEA, which was absorbed by BA, bought 15 of this variant which had the more powerful Spey 512-5W engines and an additional fuel tank in the fin, which allowed it to make non-stop trips from London to the Middle East.