Air International 2005-09
F.Colucci - Fighting to Save Lives /Military/
A computer-generated image of the EH101. Having won the bitterly contested competition for a Presidential Helicopter Replacement with the EH101/VH-71A, Lockheed Martin is proposing a CSAR-X variant designed and partly built by AgustaWestland and assembled by Bell Helicopter.
Despite innovations in safety and supportability, sheer 'newness' has handicapped the Sikorsky S-92 in past military competitions. The helicopter is now in commercial service and has won its first military order from Canada. Canadian shipboard developments can be expected to enhance the basic aircraft with folding main and tail rotors and other features applicable to the CSAR-X. The first helicopters for the Canadian Forces (designated CH-148 Cyclone) will be delivered in November 2008.
Since 2001, it is estimated that Sikorsky HH-60Gs have saved more than 1,600 lives in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. This particular Pave Hawk is in service with the 53rd Test and Evaluation Group, 422 Test and Evaluation Squadron, and was photographed over the Nellis Test and Training Range, Nevada, whilst testing its new self-protection systems.