Air International 2021-06
P.Butowski - Unreserved rebirth
From 1978-1981, about 170 Ilyushin Il-76M and civilian Ilyushin Il-76T aircraft were made
Chinese Ilyushin Il-76MD (21042) approaches landing at Ryazan, Russia
Ilyushin Il-76MD-M mid-life upgrade in December 2020
Military Ilyushin Il-76MDs feature 9A-503 rear gun turret with two twin-barrel GSh-23 cannons and 4DK Krypton radar sight
Ilyushin Il-76TD of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations, known as Emercom, with the targeting radar and under nose fairing removed
Ilyushin Il-76MD of the 347th squadron of Algerian Air Force in Boufarik
Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force’s Ilyushin Il-76MD (21041)
Ilyushin Il-76 can take four 1,102lb (500kg) flare bombs for illumination of the landing area. Here, a small P-50T (110lb, 50kg) practice bomb is used for training purposes
Ilyushin Il-76LL engine test bed with Indian Kaveri turbofan
Ninety-six round APP-50R launcher with 50mm heat and chaff decoys fitted at the Il-76’s side
25 марта 1971 года с Центрального аэродрома Москвы (Ходынское поле) произвел взлет первый опытный образец новейшего военно-транспортного самолета Ил-76
Fifty year ago, on 25 March, 1971, the first Il-76 (CCCP-86712) takes off from Khodynka airfield on its maiden flight, piloted by Eduard Kuznetsov
Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A’s new sensors: 1 - MOEVS-90A electro-optical turret; 2 - PNPK-76 radar; 3 - radar warning receiver; 4 - electronic countermeasures; 5 - ultraviolet L370-2 missile approach warning sensor and LSZ100 infrared jammer; 6 - 50mm UV-5 decoy launchers; 7 - BKS-76 communication system
In Ulyanovsk, on January 29, 2021, the Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A (registry RF-78658) was named after Genrikh Novozhilov, former designer general at Ilyushin Design Bureau and the creator of the Il-76. It is one of three Il-76MD-90A manufactured in Ulyanovsk in 2020 and handed over to the 235th aviation regiment based at Ulyanovsk
Production line of the Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A at Ulyanovsk, Russia, May 2020
The MOEVS-90A electro-optical turret under the nose of Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A
New cockpit of Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A