Aeroplane Monthly 1980-03
J.Sproule - The Chemist's Apprentice
J. P. Watson being launched from Spy Hill, Westow, near Malton, circa 1930, in his home-built Northrop Primary
F./O. Buxton making the best glide of the match.
Another German Prufling at Dunstable, July 1930.
Hauling a Prufling up Ivinghoe Beacon during the Lancashire v London Gliding Clubs' match in July 1930. Behind are the trees in which Michelson "landed."
The author seated in the ex-Scarborough Pruning, March 1933. Note the home-made cocoa tin ASI.
Fred Slingsby flying a Falke over the Yorkshire Moors. He put this German glider into production as the Slingsby Type 1 Falcon 1.
Fred Slingsby in a Slingsby Falcon 1 at the Furness Meeting, September 1932.
Sebert Humphries in a Kassel 20 two-seater