Aeroplane Monthly 1980-03
H.Levy, R.Riding - Burnelli's Lifting Fuselages (1)
RB-1 No 2 in flight, showing 420 h.p. Liberty engines, twin-wheel main units and balanced ailerons.
Remington-Burnelli RB-1 No 2
The RB-2 first appeared in 1924, and flew for over eight years before being scrapped.
The RB-2 in flight, powered by a pair of 550 h.p. Galloway Atlantic engines.
Vincent Burnelli poses with the metal-clad RB-2, fitted with Galloway Atlantics.
The first RB-1, 9182, displays its completely faired Atlantic engines, unbalanced ailerons and long-chord fins.
RB-1 No 2 with its radiators re-positioned alongside the forward centre-section struts.
The Essex automobile inside the RB-2’s capacious fuselage.
Remington-Burnelli RB-1 No 2