Air Enthusiast 1998-07
K.Ellis, T.Stone - Surviving 'Bats
Work underway on the restoration of HD874 at Point Cook’s workshop, November 1997.
The amazing Walrus caravan-cum-houseboat outside the Hall of Aviation at Southampton, 1988.
Walrus I HD874 ‘Snow Goose’ alongside Vought Kingfisher A48-13, both of the Australian Antarctic Flight, at Rathmines sometime between August and October, 1947.
Well-known view of bathers helping 615 Squadron’s G-AIZG get underway, during one of the unit’s occasional ‘paddling’ trips
View of work underway on the mated-up fuselage of G-RNLI at the Winchester workshop, February 1995.
Illustrations of IAAC Walruses in camouflage are very rare. This is believed to be N18 and the location is thought to be Rineanna.
VH-ALB showing off the ‘flying walrus’ logo of Amphair, 1960.
Restoration work underway on VH-ALB at Wyton, 1976.
Walrus I L2301 at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.
Seagull V A2-4 on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon.
The fuselage of Seagull V VH-ALB showing the damage to the lower fuselage caused by the engine failure of take-off of January 1970.
The battered fuselage of HD874 in external storage at Point Cook, February 1991.
The hulk of G-AIZG lying in the scrapyard at Thame, early 1960s.