Aviation Historian 31
U.Vicenzi - "The most important Bristol engine of all time"
Classified in France as a Historic Monument, the Association Le Noratlas de Provence’s Nord 2501, F-AZVM, has the distinction of being the last airworthy aircraft to be powered by the Hercules engine, in this case a pair of Hercules 739s. Thanks to the Association’s remarkable efforts, the Noratlas continues to fly in 2020.
Built at Santa Monica in California, Northrop Gamma 2L G-AFBT was the only example on the British register, and was imported by Bristol in September 1937 for use as an engine test bed. After use in early flight trials of the Hercules, as seen fitted here, the aircraft was dismantled at Filton and stored throughout the war, before being broken up in November 1945.