Aeroplane Monthly 1982-08
R.Williams - Armstrong Whitworth's night bomber (1)
The prototype Whitley, K4586, was relegated to an instructional airframe as 7070M after test work was completed.
Whitley II K7222 with turret positions faired over.
This view of the Whitley I K7211 shows the wide chord wings to advantage. This Whitley became one of the three prototype Whitley IVs and was re-engined with Rolls-Royce Merlins. K7211 flew with Nos 58 and 10 Sqns before being lost in the English Channel on January 23, 1939.
Whitley I K7191, from the initial production batch, served with Nos 10 and 166 Sqns.
The prototype Whitley, K4586, showing well the two 795 h.p. supercharged Armstrong Whitworth Tiger IX engines and the newly introduced three-blade two position de Havilland propellers.
Whitley I K7209 later became one of three Whitley IV prototypes. Early Whitleys were delivered minus nose and tail turrets, though most aircraft received these rather necessary items at a later date.
A classic Max Miller cutaway drawing of the Whitley showing crew positions and locations of weapons and bomb load. The thumbnail sketch in the bottom right hand corner depicts a Merlin-powered Whitley.