Air Pictorial 1977-05
M.Allward - Hughes AH-64 Advanced Attack Helicopter /Design Profile/
The two prototype YAH-64s together. Of interest on the first aircraft is the target acquisition sensor unit on the nose, white the second machine carries twin rocket pods
The first prototype Hughes YAH-64A, 22248 firing two of the 250 rockets launched during tests, in both hovering and forward flight, to ensure compatability of the weapons with the airframe.
U.S. Army requirements included the ability to land on a 12-deg. longitudinal slope (as shown left) and a 15-deg lateral slope (right) The Hughes YAH-64's tailwheel landing gear is said to assist in meeting the former requirement
Another view of the first prototype which made its maiden flight on 30th September 1975
The unique chain-driven firing and feed mechanisms used on the Hughes XM-230 30-mm. Chain Gun, developed for the AH-64. The mechanism is said to save 100 lb. weight over the gun installed in the competing Bell helicopter
Hughes AH-64
The Bell YAH-63, Hughes' rival, seen at Arlington, Texas, during ground running tests. Note the two-bladed main and tail rotors, a traditional Bell feature. The first prototype YAH-63, 22246, made its first flight on 1st October 1975 - the day after the YAH-64