Air Pictorial 1977-11
J.Halley - Cry Havoc!
Early Havocs came from former French orders and initial deliveries were allotted for training, being some of the first aircraft with tricycle undercarriages to enter R.A.F. service. BJ496 illustrated
"Хэвок Mk.I" из состава 85-й эскадрильи. Очень хорошо видно, что размеры литер бортовых кодов на "Дугласах" 85-й эскадрильи заметно меньше, чем на "интрудерах" из состава 23-й. Видимо, после поступления "Хэвоков" использовались буквенные трафареты для "Харрикейнов".
Matt-black Havoc / BL228 of No. 85 Squadron taxies out on a training flight
"Турбинлайт" - вариант "Хэвока", оборудованный локатором и прожектором
Boston III Z2184 was fitted with a Helmore Turbinlite flanked by A.I. aerials. This aircraft was operated by No. 1453 Flight
Redesign of the Boston's nose to mount a battery of 0.303-in. machine-guns was carried out by Martin-Baker. By staggering the guns and ammunition boxes, eight and later twelve guns could befitted into the limited space available
AH470 was a Havoc II fitted with a Helmore Turbinlite and flown by No. 1459 Flight. In this configuration, the basic Boston and Havoc airframes became indistinguishable
Many of the hundred Boston IIs were converted to Havocs. AH522 (illus.) is fitted with flame-damping exhausts and A.I. radar in the nose. The observer's radar set was in the rear cockpit, which was unarmed in the night-fighter role