Air International 1983-01
J.Fricker - Embraer's Tractable Tucano
The first YT-27 in its original form; a small dorsal fin extension was later introduced
The first YT-27 aircraft carrying rockets, these being typical of the optional underwing stores.
The first YT-27 aircraft carrying gun pods, these being typical of the optional underwing stores.
The first production example of the EMBRAER EMB-312 Tucano, now on the point of entering service in Brazil.
The pre-production T-27, registered PP-ZDK for its visit to Europe in September, with underwing fuel tanks for ferry flying.
The original YT-27 prototype of the Tucano is here seen carrying six HVARs on its four wing pylons, which have a total capacity of 2,200 lb (1000 kg). Deliveries of the Tucano to the FAB will begin in the near future.
The two YT-27 prototypes in formation. Both aircraft are shown here in the original configuration, before the dorsal fin was added.
The first pre-production aircraft made a demonstration tour through Europe and the Middle East after appearing at the Farnborough air show in September.
The T-27 Tucano is characterised by a massive single canopy over the two cockpits, hinged to open sideways as shown here.
EMBRAER EMB-312 (T-27) Tucano
The production configuration of the T-27 Tucano is depicted in the line drawing.