Air International 1985-08
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The Curtiss SBC-3 (BuAer 0563) in ser­vice with Scouting Squadron VS-5 aboard USS "Yorktown" in 1937, as indicated by the tail colour. This unit was VS-7B until 1 July 1937, with the same "man-o-war bird” insignia.
Curtiss SBC-4 (BuAer 1287) of the First Marine Aviation Wing at San Diego in 1942, with small fuselage insignia and national markings applied only below the starboard and above the port wing.
Side view of one of the five Curtiss SBC-4s that reached the UK in 1940. Named Cleveland I, they found no useful role in the RAF.
Side view of an SBC-4 as painted for despatch to France in 1940.