Air International 1985-08
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The Curtiss SBC-3 (BuAer 0563) in ser­vice with Scouting Squadron VS-5 aboard USS "Yorktown" in 1937, as indicated by the tail colour. This unit was VS-7B until 1 July 1937, with the same "man-o-war bird” insignia.
Side view of one of the five Curtiss SBC-4s that reached the UK in 1940. Named Cleveland I, they found no useful role in the RAF.
Side view of an SBC-4 as painted for despatch to France in 1940.
Curtiss SBC-4 (BuAer 1287) of the First Marine Aviation Wing at San Diego in 1942, with small fuselage insignia and national markings applied only below the starboard and above the port wing.