Aeroplane Monthly 1986-08
E.Kinloch - By Empire boat to India
The view from an Imperial Airways C-class flying-boat, showing one of the four Bristol Pegasus radial engines.
View of Short S.30 C-class Cathay in flight.
Passengers coming ashore at the Imperial Airways terminal at Southampton in April 1938.
C-class boat Canopus moored in Alexandria harbour. G-ADHL was scrapped at Hythe in 1947; it had been the first S.23 Empire flying-boat to fly.
BASRAH'S NEW AIRPORT (MARGIL). - The combined marine and land Airport at Basra, Iraq, the water-front on the River Tigris, with S.23 G-AETV Coriolanus moored outside the terminal building.
Pre-war shot of Short S.23 Empire flying-boat G-ADUW Castor, which flew the first leg of the journey, with an Imperial Airways boarding launch alongside.
Castor moored in the Solent shortly before the war.
Short S.30 Cathay, which flew the second leg, at Hythe before being camouflaged.
Passengers in the Promenade Saloon in an Imperial Airways Empire flying-boat. The S.23 carried 24 day passengers with alternative 16 sleeping berth layout, in addition to 1 1/2 tons of mail.