Air Pictorial 1990-02
K.Wixey - CL-215
First deliveries of the CL-215 were made to France. This is F-ZBBV of the Protection Civile.
Seen here in 1987 is a later production Canadair CL-215, MM62018 of the Italian Air Force 15 St (15/51). Note colour scheme of most other CL-215s in various countries is either same or similar in respect of red trim.
A Quebec Government CL-215, CF-PQJ, drops its 1.200-gal. (6-ton) water load on a fire in less than a second. The load covers an area ot approx. 350 ft. x 40 ft. with the equivalent ol 1 mm. of rain, sufficient to dampen and retard a typical fire for 15 minutes. This particular aircraft has since been sold to France
The angular appearance of the CL-215 is well depicted in this view of No 404/10, a later production machine in service with the Spanish Air Force as firefighting and SAR amphibian. Note, nose radome, position of nosewheel doors and design of landing gear retracting struts.
This CL-215, CF-TXA, number 24, is seen in service with the Province of Quebec.
Canada's national insignia adorns the fin of this CL-215, CF-TXK, in service with Province of Quebec's Ministry of Transport.
Smart looking CL-215, No 1112, of the Hellenic Air Force. Note, planing bottom of hull and stabilising floats are matching red to other trim.
Early production CL-215 with Canadian registration CF-TXE, waits delivery to next customer prior to having final markings applied.
Rear aspect of F-ZBAR, No 21, a CL-215 in Securite Civile service, the fore and aft sliding doors are noteworthy, and the rudder tabs, upper geared, lower sprung, are clearly visible.
With updated water probes, hinged doors fore and aft, blister observation windows in cabin, and with spraying booms attached at full length, this is C-GUKM, a Canadair 'SuperScooper' for demonstration purposes
Ungainly looking, but a veritable workhorse, CL-215 No 29 (F-ZBBD) of the French Security Civile (originally Protection Civile). Note, sliding door aft of cockpit.
Seen here in 1974 is CF-TIX, a CL-215 in service with Province of Quebec for transport and firefighting duties. Note, forward sliding door open; Canadian national insignia on fin.
One of the Yugoslav aircraft in service.
Interior view of fuselage shows the integrated tanks and the single fluid drive hydraulic motor located in the right hand tank. Hydraulic power is supplied by the aircraft system.