Air Pictorial 1991-09
G.Jones - French homebuilders rally in Moulins
A tri-gear derivative of the Jodel D.18, this a Jodel D.19, F-PRAM.
One of the numerous Flying Flea/Pou-de-Ciel types flown into Moulins, this one an ultralight of Belgian design, the Romibutter.
F-PENA, the Bilouis 01 two-seat all-wood aerobatic homebuilt of Louis Pena, stressed to +8g/-6g.
The new ST.87 Europlane designed by Rene Stern, a development of his earlier ST-80 single-seater.
The Rotax-powered Czechoslovakian microlight manufactured by Letov in Prague, the LK-2 Sluka.
This seven-eighths scale SE.5A in the French ULM category weighs only 150kg empty and is registered 50CJ. It was designed and built at Arranches by Gilles Beaufils.