Air Pictorial 1999-10
B.Wheeler - PC-12: A Swiss sophisticate
Africa has proved a buoyant market for the PC-12 with some 25 in use, including ZS-BEL, flying with General Airways, and ’NYM of the Red Cross Mercy Air Service Trust.
Easy access to the cabin for passengers and to the engine for maintenance was an early design goal. The large rear freight door, in particular, has appealed to medical operators.
For the power output - 1,605 shp - the PT6 is remarkably small and weighs just over 500 lb. It is bolted to the titanium firewall at four points; this is the 183rd PC-12 under assembly at Stans.
Destined for the Canadian Mounties, C-GMPW was due for delivery in August 1999.
In its original form (no winglets or ventral strokes), the prototype PC-12, HB-FOA, is preserved outside the company’s headquarters building.
VH-FMW, c/n 123, of Australia’s RFDS at Adelaide.
Prototype multi-mission Eagle, for which an unannounced order is awaiting signature.
PC-12 fuselage structure showing cabin and cargo doors (1996)
The PC-12 fuselage is a semi-monocoque design using conventional aluminium alloy, all corrosion proofed and fatigue-tested to the equivalent of six lifetimes. This is based on 20,000 flying hours and 27,000 landings, assuming a typical average flight length of 45 minutes.