Aviation Historian 16
J.Franzi - To Hell and Back...
Boeing B-17 serial 41-24577, named Hell’s Angels, with No 4 engine running at RAF Molesworth after it had been extensively autographed by groundcrew and other personnel in preparation for its return to the USA in January 1944. The name “Hell’s Angels” was adopted by the 303rd BG the same month, ’24577’s legacy continuing with the unit after the historic bomber’s return home.
Hell’s Angels taxies out for departure from Molesworth for its flight back to the USA in January 1944. Once back home it was worked hard on a morale-boosting publicity campaign, which ended on May 19, 1944. After being used as a trainer, it was put into storage the following year at Stillwater, Oklahoma, before somewhat ignominiously succumbing to the scrapman’s torch circa 1946.
Boeing B-17F-25-BO 41-24577, Hell's Angels, 358th BS, 303rd BG, RAF Molesworth, Cambs, 1942-44