Aeritalia/Aerospatiale/CASA AAC 90 / AAC 120
Страна: International
Год: 1990

An impression issued at Farnborough by Aerospatiale, depicting the AAC-90 regional jet.
The designations AAC 90 and AAC 120 are being used to identify 90-seat and 120-seat variants of the rear-engined twin-turbofan airliner that is being studied by Aeritalia/Aerospatiale/CASA as a possible joint programme, with the larger aircraft differing principally in fuselage length. The low wing features winglets and the aircraft has a T-tail. Max take-off weights for the two sizes of aircraft are 89.500 lb (40 600 kg) and 104.700 lb (47 500 kg) respectively and to achieve the required performance the aircraft will need engines in the 14,500-lb st (65-kN) bracket such as the Rolls-Royce Tay 700, a new variant of the IAE V2500 or the Allison GMA3014. Presentation of the AAC projects at Farnborough was low-key, with the consortium still working to identify the market, and at the same time exploring the possibility of a partnership with MPC Aircraft, the Deutsche Airbus/CATIC combination that is close to launching its MPC-75. This also is planned in 100- and 130-seat variants (as the MPC-75-100 and -200 respectively), but is now firmly established with underwing engine configuration after earlier study of rear-mounted propfans.
A three-view drawing of the AAC-90 project and side view (bottom right) of the longer AAC-120.