DASA / MPC Aircraft Regioliner / MPC-75
Страна: Германия
Год: 1993

Presentation of the AAC projects at Farnborough was low-key, with the consortium still working to identify the market, and at the same time exploring the possibility of a partnership with MPC Aircraft, the Deutsche Airbus/CATIC combination that is close to launching its MPC-75. This also is planned in 100- and 130-seat variants (as the MPC-75-100 and -200 respectively), but is now firmly established with underwing engine configuration after earlier study of rear-mounted propfans.
Models of the two Regioliner projects which Dasa planned for service in the late-1990s, but has now abandoned.
Impression of the lengthened MPC 75-200.
A three-view drawing of the MPC 75-100 with extra side-view (bottom right) of the lengthened MPC 75-200.