Kaufmann Aeromotive Engine
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1875

A somewhat fanciful illustration ofJ.M. Kaufmann’s steam-powered Aeromotive Engine in flight over a bucolic lakeland scene. The illustration was probably based on Kaufmann’s ASGB exhibition model of the machine, which had four fixed superposed wings of 16ft (4-9m) span and two large "propulsive wings" of 14ft (2-5m) span.
The engraving of the July 4, 1868, issue of the Illustrated Times. John Stringfellow’s triplane is suspended on its wire, with a canvas sheet to arrest it in the distance. In the foreground on the left is William Gibson’s “aerial apparatus”. In the background, from left to right, are an assortment of kites, Duncan McPhail’s Aerial Steamship, Kaufmann’s model of his “Airmotive Engine” and George Ansell’s fish-shaped balloon. At bottom right is the car of Henson and Stringfellow’s Ariel model. Both of Stringfellow’s machines are incorrectly shown with shaft drives to their propellers.
Kaufmann apparently used the name Aeromotive Engine to refer to the entire machine, but its powerplant, seen here in vertical aspect, was a steam engine with boiler shell and chimney, the latter clearly visible at the top centre in this illustration.