SAAB Projects 1300 series
Страна: Швеция
Год: 1958

Saab Project 1325, dated March 1, 1954, for a combined 'all-purpose' fighter and attack aircraft. The aircraft has an all-moving tailplane
The configuration for both Project 1338 and Project 1343 (December 9, 1954). Project 1338A of April 1955 had an optional T-tail.
Two-seat Project 1350D of May 20, 1955. It had all-moving wing tips and tailplane and, unusually, a narrow tricycle undercarriage plus nacelle outriggers
Project 1357 strike fighter of July 29, 1955. Note the internal weapon bay beneath the forward wing. This attractive aeroplane looks somewhat Russian in appearance
With its near T-tail, Project 1371D of January 22, 1956, was not dissimilar to the Bristol 188 research aircraft. It appears to have guns housed at the sides of the cockpit.
Project 1377A, dated February 2, 1956, a comparison project to the 1376 with a dorsal intake