GAF Pika
GAF - Pika - 1950 - Австралия
Страна: Австралия
Год: 1950

GAF Pika, the manned prototype of the Jindivik drone, powered by an ASM Adder.
The Jindivik Family a. Pika manned prototype with Armstrong Siddeley Adder engine b. Jindivik Mk 1 with Adder engine c. Early Jindivik Mk 2 with Bristol-Siddeley Viper ASV.3 engine d. Jindivik Mk 3 with Viper 201 engine, Mk 5 wing pods and 40in (1,02m) extended span wing tip panels e. Jindivik Mk 4 with Mk 9 wing pods and faired towed target carriers