Lippisch Delta IV (Fieseler F-3 Wespe)
Страна: Германия
Год: 1932

The sole Fieseler F-3 Wespe, or Wasp, D-19556, started its life on the drawing board of Alexander Lippisch as his Delta IV. Completed in 1932, the design was aimed at the light aircraft owner market and, as such, incorporated wing folding for garage storage and a towing hook for transit to the airfield. Engine power for the two-seater was provided by twin 75hp Pobjoy Rs, mounted in push-me-pull-you style. As can be seen here, Lippisch, in an attempt to improve take-off performance, had added a small foreplane elevator. Unfortunately, this surface brought the machine's dynamic centre of pressure forward and made the aircraft tail heavy and tricky to fly. It was these handling difficulties that led to the F-3's abandonment in the autumn of 1933, after it killed its pilot during an attempt to land.