CVV (Centro Volo a Vela) CVV-4 Pelicano
Страна: Италия
Год: 1939
Единственный экземпляр
M.Simons The World's Vintage Sailplanes 1908-45

M.Simons The World's Vintage Sailplanes 1908-45


  The Pelicano was one of two Italian entries for the Olympic Games sailplane design competition held in 1939. It was designed by a student group at the Polytechnic in Milan. In spite of its failure to win the competition, it entered limited production and became popular with Italian pilots. The only modifications introduced were the addition of a landing wheel and changes to the rudder.
  Aerodynamically the Pelicano had the unusual feature, for a European sailplane, of American NACA aerofoils of the four-digit series. These were less cambered than the Goettingen aerofoils preferred in Germany. In all respects the Pelicano was otherwise typical of contemporary 15 metre, medium-performance sailplanes.

  Technical data:
  Pelicano: Span. 15.00 m. Wing area, 14.7 sq m. Aspect ratio, 15.3. Empty weight, 160 kg. Flying weight, 255 kg. Wing loading. 17.3 kg/sq m. Aerofoils, NACA 24 series at root, tapering to thin symmetrical tips.