Meteor FL.53 / FL.55
Страна: Италия
Год: 1953

Two-seat light cabin monoplane
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Meteor FL.53 (Italy)
   Two-seat trainer and tourer powered by a 44.7 kW (60 hp) CNA D4 or 48.4 kW (65 hp) Continental A65 engine.

Meteor FL.54 (Italy)
   Three-seat version of the FL.53 powered by a 63.3-67 kW (85-90 hp) Continental engine.

Meteor FL.55 and FL.55B (Italy)
   Four-seat versions of the FL.54, each powered by a 97-112 kW (130-150 hp) Lycoming engine. Could be adapted lor agricultural work. The F.55B was basically similar to the FL.55 but had a combination wheel-ski landing gear for operation in mountainous regions. This version was chosen in 1956 to equip a Swiss mountain rescue organisation, accommodating a stretcher optionally.
This Meteor FL-55 has been modified in Italy for crop-spraying. Part of the insecticide tank can be seen in the cockpit behind the pilot's seat.
MOUNTAIN RESCUE METEOR 55B is latest version of the Italian Meteor (Lombardi) F.L.5 series. Four supplied to Switzerland.
Meteor FL.55.
From Italy comes another form of crop spraying using a wind generator forward of the undercarriage. The aircraft is the latest of the Meteor (Lombardi) series, the Meteor F.L.55 "Agricolo" I-FULU (150·h.p. Lycoming).
Meteor Super (220 hp Meteor Alfa 4 engine)