Brunner-Winkle Bird A / B / C
Страна: США
Год: 1928

One of the first Brunner-Winkle Bird As being demonstrated at Roosevelt Field in 1929. Designer Michael Gregor, formerly of the Imperial Russian Air Service, subsequently collaborated with Sasha Seversky on the SEV series.
PERTH AMBOY BIRD BK (N789Y) was first built in 1929 by Bird Aircraft Corporation (later Brunner Winkle), with models A, B and C differing in powerplant. Model BK is a three-seater (front, side-by-side, single rear) powered by 100-h.p. Kinner K-5 radial.
A DETRACTABLE UNDERCARRIAGE: Mr. Mils Burcham, the American aerobatic pilot, looses a wheel from his Bird biplane while stunting at the recent National Air Races, Cleveland. Note the wheel bouncing on the ground. Burcham made a perfect dead-stick landing on one wheel.