Short Tandem Twin / S.39 Triple Twin
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1911

Short. Самолеты 1909-1914 годов

   В 1911-1913 годах "Short Brothers" построила несколько двухдвигательных бипланов, первым из которых был S.39 Triple Twin с двумя 50-сильными (37-кВт) ПД Gnome, установленными по концам гондолы пилота. Передний двигатель через цепную передачу приводил два тянущих винта на крыле, а задний - единственный толкающий винт. Биплан Tandem Twin, переделанный из S.27, имел более привычную компоновку с одним тянущим и одним толкающим винтами.
The "Gnome Sandwich" Tandem Twin which was ordered by Frank McClean.
The Short “Double Twin” of 1911 had two rotary engines, with the pilot placed between them.
One of the most influential and yet least-known of British aviation pioneers, Frank McClean acquired the land at Eastchurch in November 1909 and gave use of it to the RAeC for a fixed annual rent of a shilling. Seen here is his modified Short S.27, known as the “Tandem Twin” or “Double Dirty”.
As early as 1911 Short Brothers realised the advantages of more than one engine. The pictures show a Short biplane with two Gnome rotary engines, of which the rear drove a pusher airscrew while the front drove two tractors via chain gearing.
Gnome applications. The Short Triple Twin of the 1911 year used two Omegas: one in the nose driving two tractor propellers via chains, and the other in the back of the nacelle driving a pusher propeller.
The “Triple Twin” had two rotary engines and three airscrews.