Jurca MJ-2 Tempete
Страна: Франция
Год: 1956

Single-seat light monoplane
MARCEL JURCA M.J.2 TEMPETE is of wooden construction with the exception of undercarriage fittings, engine bearers and other small items which are of metal. It was designed purely as an aerobatic and sporting mount, although speed was not a prime requisite, the whole design is arranged to give maximum manoeuvrability. To this end the span has been kept short; aspect ratio is only 4, and the ailerons are large. Many parts of the aircraft are standard Jodel components, the most outwardly obvious being the undercarriage. The whole machine was designed for quick and cheap production, these two aims were fulfilled because the craft was made in about eight months and cost a little over ?500. Power is supplied by a Continental flat-four engine giving 65 h.p.; fairing this unit into the overall design has allowed a wide and roomy fuselage. The sliding cockpit canopy is a one-piece moulding. Main dimensions and performance details are: span 19.70 ft.; length 18.70 ft.; height, tail up 7.87 ft .; area 86 sq . ft.; all-up weight 882 Ib. ; max. speed 130.5 m.p.h. ; min. speed 49.7 m.p.h.; cruise 106 m.p.h.; initial rate of climb 5,500 ft. i min.; practical duration 3 hrs. 20 mins.
Jurca M.J.2A Tempete single-seat light aircraft (65 hp Continental A65 engine)
Registration CS-AXB indicates that this Jurca M.J.2 Tempete was Portugal’s second modern homebuilt aircraft. The first was registered CS-AXA, with “X” signifying "experimental”
Line-up of four Jurca M.J.2 Tempete single-seat light aircraft
Jurca M.J.2 Tempete single-seat light aircraft built by Mr Lefebvre and Mr Vanlaer