Jurca MJ-5 Sirocco
Страна: Франция
Год: 1962

Jurca MJ53 Autan, a side by side two-seat version of the MJ5 Sirocco (1999)
Prototype Jurca MJ55 Biso built by Rémy Blondeaux of Valence, France (1999)
Jurca MJ.5 Sirocco (105 hp Potez 4 E-20 engine)
The all-wood Jurca MJ-5 Sirocco
M.J. 5 Sirocco two-seat light aircraft
Marcel Jurca’s original M.J.5H2 prototype of the Sirocco in its latest form
Jurca M.J.5K Sirocco homebuilt light aircraft (180 hp Lycoming engine)
M.J.5K2 Sirocco, with special wing fillets, built in 1974 by Ms Cottereau and Jurca