Jane's All the World Aircraft 2000
Second prototype Beriev Be-200 (first Be-200TChS firefighter) under construction at IAPO in 1998 (1999)
The Rostvertol works, with Mil Mi-26s and Mi-35s under assembly (1998)
MIG-29s under construction by MAPO (1999)
AVPK Sukhoi's best-known current product is the `Flanker' family (1999)
Sukhoi S-80 assembly line at Komsomolsk (1998)
Aircraft currently offered by Aermacchi comprise the SF-260 (nearest), M-260TP Redigo, S.211, MB-339 and AMX (1999)
Tornado IDS 8319, the last of the type to be built, prior to delivery to Saudi Arabia (1999)
Tupolev Tu-204-200 airliners under construction at the Aviastar plant (1999)
LMZ's production line for the Ilyushin Il-103 (1998)
A Lufthansa Airbus A340-200 wearing the insignia of some of the type's other customers (1999)
Antonov An-74 taking shape on the KhGAPP assembly line (1999)
Eurofar progressed only to the stage of a wind-tunnel model before being overtaken by a Eurocopter-led programme (1998)
Yalo-assembled Avid Flyer Speedwing for the Polish market (1999)
Wuhan Enstrom TH-28 in Chinese markings (1999)
PNP retractable-gear Lancair IV four-seater (1999)
Fixed-gear Lancair ES of the Philippine National Police (1999)
Partly dismantled FLS Sprint is in storage at North Weald, awaiting a buyer for the entire programme (1999)
F-18C Hornets in final assembly at Finavicomp (1999)
Ethiopian Airlines licence-built version of the Ag-Cat Super B Turbine (1997)
Australian Drifter ultralight built by Shanghai Feiteng (1997)
Jurca MJ53 Autan, a side by side two-seat version of the MJ5 Sirocco (1999)
Prototype Jurca MJ55 Biso built by Rémy Blondeaux of Valence, France (1999)
Jurca MJ77 Gnatsum three-quarter scale Mustang replica built by Alain Anziani in Corsica (194 kW; 260 hp Potez piston engine) (1999)
The first French-produced Giles G-202, redesignated CAP 222, following transfer to Belgian registry in March 1998 for Aerobatics Airlines (1999)
Prototype Kaiser Magic (locally known as DEKO-9) under construction by WZL 3 (1999)
Artist's impression of the Hydro 2000 six-engined cargo flying boat (1999)
MJ90 full-size Messerschmitt Bf 109 replica (N10901) constructed by Alois Rubenbauer of New York, USA (1999)
Full-size Spitfire replica, the MJ100 (1999)
Scaled Composites V-Jet II (1997)
FF-1 ultralight under construction at Deblin (1999)
Cabin/landing gear module of the Yalo-1 two-seat ultralight (1999)